SharePoint services for your business

As Microsoft evolves the SharePoint platform, it has become an indispensable tool in many organizations.Shawn Shell (Vice President, Hitachi Consulting - USA)
So what's the point of SharePoint?

SharePoint is in its bare essence a Content management server (CMS), but so much more. The possibilities are varied and the functionality very powerful and personalisable.

Here are some of SharePoints features (based on SharePoint 2013, older versions contain different arrays of these features):
  • Audiencing (Total control over who sees what depending on login used, department working in etc.)
  • Custom permission levels (Total control over who is allowed to edit, view, delete, upload documents depending on login used, department working in etc.)
  • Employee collaboration (Blogs, discussion boards, surveys, shared document libraries and lists etc.)
  • Lists, document libraries, video libraries with streaming etc. for data storage and sharing
  • Link to existing SQL databases
  • Search your site and the web from inside SharePoint
  • Follow collogues updates, changes to documents etc.
  • Provide RSS feeds
  • Online calender with links to Outlook
  • Shared calender, events calender etc.
  • Allocate tasks (Liked to Outlook, and traceable)
  • Excel Services (live excel workbooks, view and edit, with collaboration)
  • Access Services (Share Access 2013 databases live)
  • InfoPath Forms Services (Develop web-forms for many uses)
  • User Profile Service (Link your Active directory to SharePoint so users log in with their existing network username and password
  • Business Connectivity Services (Link to external data sources)
  • PerformancePoint Services (Dashboards, scorecards, reports)
  • Content Management (Like website pages)
  • Translation Services
  • Workflow Services (Easy to intricate workflows to automate processes)
  • SharePoint Quizzes
  • Work Management Service (Allocating tasks from a central position, linked to Outlook)
  • Mobile Features
  • And much more...

Your SharePoint can be hosted online(cloud-based hosting from Microsoft), or hosted on your own servers. Cloud based hosting works out much more inexpensive, as you only buy CAL's (Client access licenses) for each user that you want to be able to log in (anonymous users going to your SharePoint website are not paid for only users that require a login). The advantage of own hosting is more flexibility, but comes at a higher cost if you want to run SharePoint Server full, there is a Foundation version that is free to install, but very much reduced in functionality from the Server version. But at the end of the day what you need is someone to setup, personalise, and maintain your SharePoint website, intranet, or extranet and that is where we come in. We work in SharePoint 2007, 2010 and 2013, on local machines and cloud based. We also can work with legacy WSS / SharePoint 2003 systems. The consultant we provide to assist you, will be Microsoft trained and certified.

SharePoint services we can offer your company
  • Analysis for intranets / extranets / website including:
    • Facilitation needs analysis workshops
    • Documentation (BRS, FRS, TRS, Handover document etc.)
    • Mock-ups
  • New SharePoint intranets / extranets / websites or changes to existing sites
  • Architecture
  • Farm build
  • Server migration
  • Server upgrade
  • Customised:
    • Look and feel (Branding) based on your companies Corporate Identity guidelines (CI document)
    • Forms
    • Workflows
    • Document libraries and lists
    • Views of libraries and lists based on user
  • CSS changes (changing look and feel of existing sites)
  • Getting your site listed on Google
  • Training on how to use SharePoint
  • Comprehensive feedback of progress via e-mail or meetings
  • Domain name registration ( / .com / .net / .org etc.)
  • Follow up support via Service Level Agreement (SLA)
  • Adding security certificates (SSL)
  • And much more...