Advertising your business

Many a small thing has been made large by the right kind of advertising.Mark Twain (American author and humorist 1835-1910)
Why should I advertise?

In today's competitive market, with many companies offering the same product / service as you, how do you stand out?
By great service, a great product, and great prices.

But how do you get your potential customers to your great service, product and prices?
By word of mouth and Advertising.

Now word of mouth we can't help you with, because you need to deliver that great service / product of yours to someone who will tell others to come support you. But advertising for the internet we can definitely help you with.

Advertising services we offer to help your company get more exposure on the internet
  • Google:
    • Google listing
    • Google marketing campaigns (Adwords)
    • Search engine optimisation (SEO)
    • Getting the right keywords into your website (new / existing site) for better search rankings
    • Analysis and correction of robot and sitemap files for better search results
    • Using the right descriptions on your links and images to maximize search ranking
  • Analysis and correction of existing websites
  • Multimedia campaigns:
    • Youtube advertising videos (scripting, story board, video recording, final edit)
    • Animated advertising banners
  • Social media campaigns:
    • Facebook company web page design
    • Facebook advertising
    • Twitter advertising
  • E-commerce platforms - customised sites:
    • Setting up and personalising Shopify shops
    • Setting up and personalising Etsy shops
    • Training of how to use created e-commerce sites
  • Design of:
    • QR codes (for use on business cards, brochures, banners, or vehicle branding)
    • Bar codes
  • And much more...